We can create your bouquet with your custom Colors, Choose a theme. Anything you want.  We will  provide you with a Bouquet or Sash of your dreams for your special day.


Budget Sensitive Bouquets are $60 ask us!

Hand made Flower Bouquets are from $200 and go up depending on size !

Jeweled Brooch Bouquets start at $300  The big Bouquets you see on this website are aprox $350-$375


All Sash's come in all Lengths, standard size is 108" (3 yards) They may be ordered at any length please ask.

  1. Sash's $45-$80


Tiara's are made with Crystal's ,Rhinestones, CZ  high quality. Prices range from $45-$180. Most of our Tiaras range in the $80 range,We do not make the Tiaras.


We also love to partner with Bridal Boutiques Large or Small Let us know and we can send you info for Boutiques.